SQL Server Management Studio Potential Bug

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Hi there, Since a week ago we have had a problem when editing SQL tables via the 'Edit top 200 rows' option, but only for features with a Geometry. The first thing I notice is that all geometries have been converted to well known text and if I try to edit any other fields I get the below error as it looks like while trying to save it can't save geometries as a string.



Other users have the same issue. Scripting an update works fine and I can see geometry fields appear correctly with a normal select statement.


SQL Server is version 15.0.4188.2 while SSMS (for me at least) is v18.12.

I updated mine to see if it would fix the problem without luck, but perhaps the problem is with SQL Server itself. I read from a post in 2018 this was a bug.


Just wondering if this has been picked up or if there is a fix.







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Another user tried this and SSMS crashes or he gets the error "Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt." Not sure if this is related to my problem but I read it has to do with having a different version of SSQL and SQL Server. Perhaps having the same version of both might solve these issues.

@JoshG3185 SSMS = SQL Server Management Studio is intended to manage SQL Server, not to edit data.



Hi Olaf, we do have our GIS and Access front ends for data editing also, but on top of managing SQL Server we use SSMS to edit data through scripts/stored procedures/triggers and on occasion with the Edit top 200 rows. Either someone has made a change or there is a bug where the Edit top 200 rows no longer works where a geometry field exists.
Actually correction on the version. SSMS v18.12 is of course build 15.0.18420 and SQL Server itself is v15.0.4188.2.