SQL server Installation Problem on Windows 10 (Windows is installed in MacBook)

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The SQL server cannot be installed in windows 10, which is on MacBook.

I tried many times, but I was unsuccessful.

The error is:


TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Setup

The following error has occurred:

The system cannot find the path specified

For help, click: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?LinkID=20476&ProdName=Microsoft%20SQL%20Server&Evtsrc=setup.rll&EvtI...




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Hi @Rouzbeh_Talebi -- Have you checked the contents of the setup bootstrap logs?  They are typically located in directory: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\150\Setup Bootstrap\Log\<folder with date/time stamp>\Detail.txt.


Towards the bottom of that file will be a more verbose error message.  A common cause of the error you noted below is lack of permissions.

Thanks, Bake

I checked the content but I had no idea.


I could not attach .txt file here to show you.

I really need to install SQL Server 


Hi @Rouzbeh_Talebi --  Ok, no problem.  Are you able to simply copy and paste the contents of the file into the forum post?




I copied the content into a .doc file

Hi @Rouzbeh_Talebi --  Thanks, that helps.  The issue appears to possibly be related to the Filestream feature install.  Can you upload the file sql_engine_core_inst_Cpu64_1.txt from the same directory as the previously uploaded file?

Thanks for your time.



Hi @Rouzbeh_Talebi -- From that last log that you uploaded, it does appear the database engine was installed successfully.  You should be able to open SQL Server Configuration manager.  Do you see any installed components there?  If so, right-click the database engine and validate the various directories on the advanced tab.


Additionally, please check the Application and System Event logs as they will likely contain useful error messages.



I opened the SQL server configuration manager, but I could not see the database engine. Is it possible to record a video of my installation process and send it to you to see exactly what's

going on?


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Hi @Rouzbeh_Talebi -- Actually it appears that you have SQL installed several times.  All of those stopped services in your screen capture are installations of the database engine.  If you right-click the first one on list and choose Start, what happens?  Does it start successfully?  If not, what is the error in the Event Log.

Hi @bake13 

Thanks for your response

I got an error which is shown in the picture below



Hi @Rouzbeh_Talebi --  Ok, no problem.  We need to determine what is preventing SQL Server from starting.


Right click on that same service again, choose Properties.  Go to the Advanced tab.  Find the entry called Dump Directory and copy that location.  Paste that location (it will be something like C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL15.<Instance Name Here>\MSSQL\LOG\) into File Explorer.


Find a file named ERRORLOG.  Open that file in Notepad.  Feel free to copy the contents of the file into the forum and I'll take a look.

Hi @bake13 

I hope you are doing well,

My computer had a problem with SQL Server 2019, and I could not install it. But I installed SQL 2017 without any problem.

As you mentioned, I had several unsuccessful installations on my computer. Now I want to remove all of the instances except the installed one (2017) from my laptop, but I have no idea how to remove them.




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Hi @Rouzbeh_Talebi -- Great to hear that you were able to successfully install SQL 2017.


To remove the SQL 2019 installations, use Add/Remove programs and select "Microsoft SQL Server 2019 (64-bit)", then choose "Uninstall/Change".  The uninstall wizard will start.  On the "Specify an instance to modify" screen, choose an instance to remove.  Repeat for each instance.  I included a few scree captures as a reference.  Hope this helps.

Can anyone help me to fix this error please ?

Sorry Shakilia it was for long time ago and I do not remember how I fixed the cause!