SQL Server 2019 License Transfer

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Can I transfer my current 2019 server license to a new server?


Read on a PDF on the SQL Server page that can be done after 90 days and needs to be in the new server for 90 days before being able to transfer it again, is this correct?


Don't plan to move it often but might need to do a move in the near future and want to know before activating the current license.

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it is better you wait and transfer licence after 90 days


SQL Server trail can run upto 90day free after that you can add licence

According to Microsoft License, it is possible to transfer the license to another server after a 90 days usage.. that actually means you can move your licenses 4 times a year, but please make sure you only utilize the license on one Server at a time.. 


Hope this helps you with the answer..

@renefkThat was exactly what I saw on the licensing PDF.  Don't plan to be jumping around but we're considering relocating it in the not so distant future.