Show Data Lineage From SSIS > SSAS > Report

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Hi Good Day,

Need your help.

Our Data is Similar to this example:



We have Three Schemas

   - Two Schemas is for Data Source

   - Last Schema is for the Report

       > We have Two Table in our Last Schema

             - The First one Consist with Scripts

             - The Second is the Combined Result of all Scripts from the First Table


Our Boss wants us to track the Lineage/Flow of the "Combine" Table based on the Scripts we created.


Is this possible to create a Lineage for this not using SQL Flow,

and can create a dashboard for this in Power BI connected with the server so that we can present it to them and if there are changes we can track it right away?


Our desired output will be like this:

(if we manually create a script in SQL Flow)




Thanks a lot in advance.




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