"SQL Server Windows NT - 64 bit" in Task Manager: CPU high

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I have setup a new VM (VMware) with latest Windows 2019 Server Standard (as domain), Sharepoint 2019 Enterprise and SQL Server 2017 Dev.Edition. This VM is for test purposes only and I know, for production at least the SQL Server 2017 should have its own VM - but I tried it this way.

After installing SS2017 there is a high CPU consumption (50-80%) and RAM 390 MB in Windows Task Manager for

SQL Server Windows NT - 64 bit - SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)

I found some tips regarding Memory for "server properties - RAM - maximum" which has a default value of 2147483647 and what I changed to 2000 (MB).

The host PC got 16 GB of Hardware-RAM. The VM itself got 4 GB RAM so half of it maybe used by SS2017.

But still any windows need some time to open or react on mouse click.

As this is a totally new install I'm asking myself if someone got a solution for slow reaction.

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@Stefan Fey Sharepoint wants more ram, sharepoint and SQL Server are in the same machine they dont work well

You can check SQL Server ram at perfmon - SQL Server buffer manager counter 



    Could you please check out the "Max Degree of Parallelism" configuration value for SQL Server. 
Best practices for Sharepoint; you should set the "Max Degree of Parallelism" configuration value to 1 for SQL Server.

    I think, if you are able to separate products each other on your system, you will get better results.


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solved - look link above thx