Preview support for SQL Server in Prisma - Node.js and TypeScript ORM

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My name is Daniel and I'm a developer advocate at Prisma where we're building the next generation of database tooling. I'm excited to share that we've just announced preview support for Microsoft SQL Server (and Azure SQL) in Prisma. 


Prisma Client is an open-source auto-generated type-safe ORM/query builder for Node.js and TypeScript that makes you more productive and confident in the code you're delivering.


You can read more about the release in our blog. We also have a ready to run example if you want to get a feel for how Prisma works and a demo video of the example.


I'm also curious to hear what your experiences have been thus far accessing SQL Server from Node.js.
If you have any thoughts or questions, I'd be happy to answer :nerd_face:
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