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good day!! 


i have the below table 


date                    customer number            branch        transaction number

1/1/2020                      1020                       501                   T101

1/1/2020                      1020                       256                   T102

1/1/2020                      1365                       300                   T103

1/1/2020                      1587                       258                   T108

1/1/2020                      1158                       214                   T107

and i would like to count transaction number for each customer then find the max transaction in which branch was performed 

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You post is not very clear. What's the expect result; by that less sample data it's difficult to guess?
hi olafhelper,
results would be
customer number highest transaction count in which branch transaction number count

hope you understand
Can you please share the output based on input data. So that we can get better undedstand
hope you understand

@ArarA911 , in no way.

Please post table design as DDL, some sample data as DML statement and the expected result.