Issues Installing SQL Server - Help?

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I have repeatedly tried to install SQL server on my machine.  I have tried the SQL Server for Developers installation, the free SQL Server and the SQL Server Express.


I have done things like disable my firewall as I thought that was the issue.  I am attaching the bootstrap error message.  When I have retried the install and deleted previous installations in the Registry as well as deleted and or renamed SQL Server folder.


You help will be greatly appreciated.


I have a bootstrap file, but could not find where to attach it here.


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@dferr3148 , please review the installation log file for more details why the installation failed.


View and Read SQL Server Setup Log Files - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs



Hi dferr3148
what Version of Windows and which type of SSDs are you using? There are some compatibility issues which are not handled by MS yet.


@Windows 10.  What did you mean by SSDs?




SSD = Solid State Disk, disk without a spindle, but with chips.

The know issues are with Windows 11 and wrongly reported disk informations by the OS, which cause SQL Server installation to fail.



Where do i find which type of SSD's I am using?
Two options come to mind finding hard drive information.
1. Look in Device Manager
2. You can try running this from the command prompt
wmic diskdrive get manufacturer, model