How to rename an existing backup file

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Really simple question. I took a backup of several small and large databases but I forgot to add the extension ".BAK". I would like to rename the backup but I want to do it properly. Other than changing the name on File Explorer, what else do I need to do?


I can also take another backup but it's going to take me a long time.


I want it renamed so that the filename is meaningful



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Hi @SQLServerRookie -- That is it!  You did all that you need to do.  Take care.

@SQLServerRookie , my feedback is more: Why? The file name/extention don't matter much.

Yes, you can change the file extention via Windows File Explorer, but keep in mind, it won't check the file name in SQL Server backup history.



@olafhelper, I know they don't matter much but I would like to keep things tidy. Is there a way to rename the file at SQL Server level as well? I guess I'm looking for an UPDATE statement but I don't really know the data dictionary.
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The backup history is stored is DB msdn system tables; it's not supported the content of them.

Hello, you should take in this matter and extension can be changed by windows explorer.