How to migrate database on Azure Sql Managed Instance to Azure Sql Database

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I have a database on Azure Sql Managed Instance and want to migrate it to Azure Sql Database.  Every tool/process I've found supports the source to be Sql Server, but not Azure Sql Managed Instance.

I may have missed something, but can someone tell me the best way or tool to do this?

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@gyvkoff , there is not really a diiference between on-premise SQL Server and Managed Instance, beside the last is hosted in the cloud.

You can use this tool:

Overview of Data Migration Assistant (SQL Server) - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn

@olfhelper, the link you specify does not mention Azure Sql Managed Instance as a valid source. Further, when I do use the tool and it attempts to connect tothe Managed Instance, I get an error:

Connection to the server failed.
Server '' has an unsupported database environment for this operation: 'CloudDatabase'. It must be one of these: 'OnPremises'.