How can i access SQL cloud server when my internet IP is not fixed

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I want to be able to access SQL server from home, but my IP address changes all the time. I cannot get my IP whitelisted on a daily basis. I have changed my IP address to IPv4, but my internet provider does not provide fixed IP address for free. It is very costly and I am looking into alternatives.


I wonder what other data analysts (working from home) would do to be able to access the cloud database remotely? Thanks a lot.

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@AlexG23 , simple answer: You can't.

Other answer with maybe additional cost: Search for "Dynamic DNS" service provider which allows you to connect to your home computer by name.



@olafhelper  Thank you. It turns out Dynamic DNS also does not work for me, as it only provides me a fixed domain name. As i am trying to access a cloud server, i need a fixed IP.
I ended up renting a VPS to get a fixed IP and access it with VPN. And the cost is really low.