Help with connecting to SQL Server

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I am a user in a Windows domain. I installed SQL Server 2022 Developer on a computer to set up a development environment. Install was successful and I was able to connect to the DB on that computer using SSMS. When I tried doing the same on another computer, also with SSMS, I got error 5 - Access denied. Error also mentions to check if server allows remote connections. I verified that it does.

I am not in the office today, so I can't share screen cap or the long detailed report I got. I found information on error 5, mostly dealing with folder permissions, but the issues described are when attempting to create a database. My issue is I can't even connect to server

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you for your time and assistance. Saga

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I got error 5 - Access denied.

@SagaV9 , error 5 is a Windows OS error, it don't come from SQL Server.

SQL logon error is 18456

MSSQLSERVER_18456 - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn

So it must be something beside SQL Server.

Check the connection using ODBC Data Source