Found abnormal XdesId

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Hi All


I'm trying to figure out what this is. Getting this in the SQL Server Log sometimes. Got this during the night today again.



Found abnormal XdesId [576733327:0] on page [1:42142828], slot 2, Max XdesId [145078457:0], forceStrip 0




Running SQL Server 2019 CU15 on Windows Server 2022


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Hi @JensNilsson --  Do you have accelerated database recovery enabled for any of the databases hosted on the SQL instance?  You can determine whether any databases have accelerated database recovery enabled using the query below.  I believe that feature will generate this message. While I think this message can be safely ignored, I would recommend a database integrity check when possible just to be safe.  Take care.


SELECT [name],is_accelerated_database_recovery_on FROM sys.databases


Yes @blake13 It's enabled on all Databases that I have.
Good if it's ignorable message, but super annoying when it spams the log with 500+ rows.
I will schedule a CHECKDB to see if there is a issue. No issue on my "Restore/DBCC server"

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