Finding SQL Server Slowness Root-cause in a Minute !

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Case 1 - Finding Root cause in a minute !

You were informed about Slowness/ Session Crash/ Un-responsiveness, Lets see it in a video, how quickly SQL Planner can generate the root cause report (Expensive Query, Deadlock, Blocks, CPU & Memory Report)

Case 2 : finding IO usage or Disk latency ?

From Menu – Just 1 click and say Analyze IO and select server and duration :



Quickly pointing list of databases having high latency, any point >30 ms is a point of attention.





Case 3: Finding, Where are the waits ?

SQL Server resource many a times waits for the resources to get free and serve your data, you can find it in few seconds. From Menu, Click Analyze Waits, select Server and duration


sql planner waits.png

Detailed Report shows, Waits duration and by application overall graph. Below has granular level report on Query detail which ran by specific user and application and duration it waited for.




Case 4 – from Where To begin for the Day – Read Alerts

You have 100s of server and Not sure where to start for the day, SQL Planner keeps constantly checking your SQL server health and whenever issue detected, it sends you notification and save in dashboard in Alert detected section. SQL Planner also display root cause and remediation hints for your next step !



Alerts and Remediation

To view Alert detail and remediation, click detailed report. Our remediation is a summarized points is a nice to have a suggestions for most DBAs. How our list of 100+ can help you, please visit to :


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