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I have been using DAX in Excel Powerpivot and PowerBI, and I'm astonished the ease of use and the power. I read that we can use DAX in Analysis Services to build tabular Models but I still don't find good material to get me started on this.


Do you used or use Tabular Models? If so, can you provide best practices and indicate good resources so I can get started?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Urbano,


The new Tabular Modeling in SSAS book by Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari will likely be considered a primary authority on this topic but it's not yet released. You could also get their book 'The Definitive Guide to DAX' and, for just getting started on Tabular modeling, much of their SSAS 2012 Tabular book is still very much relevant.


All three of these books and Rob Collie's Power Pivot and Power BI book are listed at the following BI Book reference page:


Tabular Book Reference


You might also use the following sites:


Good luck!



I did.

Thanks James.

Thanks for Your reply.

I already knew all the resources You mentioned, and I agree for what I know they are the better ones.

Urbano Freitas