Executing SQL trigger doesn't work if triggering events are generated by Azure Data Factory

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Good day everyone,


I have an issue getting data from Azure Data Factory into SQL.  My original solution of using power automate was stymied by the combination of a mysteriously slow Stored Procedure when running it from Power Automate vs SSMS and the hard coded 2 minute timeout in flows.  So my next idea was to run the SP from a trigger whenever records are inserted into a staging table from data factory using Copy Data action. 

*The trigger works fine when adding records in SSMS

*The Data Factory pipeline successfully inserts rows into the staging table 

*After successful inserts from DF, the trigger in SQL on that staging table does not fire.


Is this a bug?  How can I work around this?  And finally, is there a better way that doesn't involve deploying more services/licenses?


Edit: To clarify what I' masking about.  Key scenario I am attempting is in bold above.  However, I have just decided to run the SP from Data Factory and pay the fees to run it.  I don't have any more time to waste trying to troubleshoot.



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Your post is much to vague to give an answer on it.
But if you perform a BULK operation, then by default trigger don't fire, see
Does Data Factory use bulk inserts in the "Copy Data" activity? The inserts into the SQL staging table are done using "Copy Data" activity.