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To resolve this error you need to work on the below-mentioned steps:

To establish a fresh connection to a SQL Server through a new Data Source, adhere to the following steps:

Setup Database Login:

Launch SQL Server Management Studio on your host computer/server.
Navigate to the Security section on the left-hand side.
Right-click on Logins and opt for New Login. Generate a new account for the specific database you wish to link with.
Enable TCP/IP Protocol:

Ensure the TCP/IP Protocol is enabled by accessing the SQL Server Configuration Manager.
Go to All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server [Year] > Configuration Tools > SQL Server Configuration Manager.
Select Client Protocols based on your operating system architecture (32/64 bit).
Verify that the TCP/IP Protocol is enabled on the right-hand side.
Configure Data Source:

On the remote computer/server, open the Data Source Administrator.
Navigate through Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC).
Add Data Source:

Within User DSN or System DSN, click the Add button.
Select the SQL Server driver and proceed by clicking Finish.
Provide Details:

Assign a Name for the Data Source.
Enter the Server information. Note that if using the host computer's address, input its IP address directly (e.g., without "\". Proceed by clicking Next.
Authentication Method:

Opt for "With SQL Server authentication using a login ID and password entered by the user."
Enter Credentials:

Input the login ID and password you created during the initial step.
Click Next after providing the credentials.
Database Selection:

If the displayed Database matches your intended database, proceed by clicking Next.

Finalize the setup process by clicking Finish.
Following these steps, you'll have established a unique connection to your SQL Server via the newly configured Data Source.

You can go via these steps to have a look and resolve the error: