Connecting to SQL Server on Godaddy hosting website by using HeidiSQL

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I used to use My Little Admin in GoDaddy to connect to and manage my SQL Server Database. Now My Little Admin has stopped giving support and has been removed from GoDaddy. They have recommended that I use HeidiSql instead. Kindly help me to connect to my database by using HeidiSql.
Abdul Shaikh
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@abdul_haq_shaikh , HeidiSQL isn't a Microsoft product (nor GoDaddy), so better ask GoDaddy support or post to a related forum at Forum (



Thanks for the information. I believe I can also connect to my SQL Server database on GoDaddy by using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. I have the username and password for my database. Also, I know the port number and the Server Name. However, I don't know how to connect to the online database from my desktop. Kindly help me to do that or send me an appropriate link which will help me to do that.