Can not enter new record via Access front end after linking tables to SQL Express

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I have a Time & Billing Access program. I just migrated the tables to a SQL Express database and using it as the back end: tables all linked to the front end Access program.


With my Access front end, I can enter a new record into all of the tables except the TimeSheet table.  I can only enter a new record into the TimeSheet table using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 18.



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Hi @malcolm_p_galvin_jr 

(1) what error do your get?

Please provide the full exact text + screenshot (notice that I Said "+" and not "OR"!!!)

(2) What is the table DDL (please provide the query to create the table in the SQL Server). The exact type of the column is the main information we need, but please provide the exact DDL so we will not miss any important point which can be the source.

(3) What is the type of the column in your access? WHat is the exact type of the field in the form you use in the access

Note: Most common is that you try to INSERT text instead of DATE/TIME. In any case, without more information my guess us that the issue related to differences in types 

@malcolm_p_galvin_jr , MS Access as frontend has an important restricts, a table must (!!!) have a primary key, otherwise you can't edit any data in the table.

Do the table have a PK?


Spot on! Thanks for the answer!
I had an original program in which that table did have a PK. I copied that program to use with another user and at some time changed the table to eliminate the PK. I used the changed program database tables to migrate to SQL. I will now use the original program, with the PK in the table, and do a new migration to the SQL.