Azure Extension for SQL Server 2022 errors

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I'm trying to install SQL Server 2022 developer edition on Windows 11 Pro. My Azure knowledge is quite basic.

I'm on the setup screen for the Azure Extensions, I keep getting an error:

Unable to validate provided Azure settings.

When I look in the logs, there is nothing to suggest what part it is failing on:





I obtain the Azure Service Principal ID from:

Home -> Azure Active Directory -> Enterprise Applications; then taking the object Id of VisualStores.

To obtain the Azure Service Principal Secret:

From the above, I select VisualStores then Properties then in the text there is a link to application registration I select this then select 'Certificates & secrets' I place the Secret Id from here.

To obtain the Azure Subscription ID:

I go to 'Home' and select subscriptions, I place my subscription ID from there here.

To obtain the Azure Tenant ID:

I go to 'Home' then Azure Active Directory and copy the Tenant ID.

If anyone can point me as to what I'm doing wrong would be great as I cannot get beyond this screen in the setup process.

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