Any release date for SQL 2022 Cumulative Update 1

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I'm going live with my SQL Server 2022 Ent. in two weeks.

Dose someone know it there are any release date for a CU1 for SQL Server 2022 before the end of February?


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This is Patch Tuesday, the best day for CU1. This is serious. No updates to any of SQL Server since september 2022.


This is Patch Tuesday, the best day for CU1.

No. Patch day is for Windows OS, not for SQL Server.
It will be release, as soon as there is one; actually there is none.
You can see the releases at Microsoft SQL Server Versions List (


Yes! That site I have my eyes on all the time :)
Then I have to just wait for a CU to come before my downtime then.
Thanks anyway



SQL 2022 has been running in Azure SQL MI since last May handling production workloads.  All the chatter I have seen says that this is much different from the previous "Wait until CU1" PROD release guidance.  We have been running downstream since November with no issues, and are prepping to upgrade our PROD instances next weekend.  It certainly seems like the most stable RTM that MS has ever dropped...

Sounds like a good review then, for my 2022 switch next week. Thanks!
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There was a GDR update this morning so the current version is now 16.0.1050.5. Thanks for all comments. Feels like this SQL version is more secure and stable so we hope for less CU:s in the future then

There is a list of known problems in RTM. See recent Brent Ozar activity. Saying that this is most stable release is kind of joke.