When is throttling in Windows Azure SQL Database really throttling….
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First published on MSDN on Aug 27, 2013
During the course of this year I have spoken at several customer and internal events on troubleshooting the Windows Azure SQL Database environment. As I built my presentations, one of the confusing topics I found was a term used in Azure Database called throttling . It seemed that this term was used for multiple reasons and multiple different error messages. So we got together with the technical writers within Microsoft and revamped the documentation on this topic. Thanks to writer Kumar Vivek, we now have a document called Resource Management in Windows Azure SQL Database .

This document now explains conditions when a Windows Azure SQL Database application could receive different types of errors including the “real engine throttling” set of errors. If you have developed or are considering developing an application for Azure Database, I highly recommend you read this. It will save you time and effort in understanding how to write your application to avoid errors and how to react to certain situations unique to the Azure Database environment.

Bob Ward

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