Standalone SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) DevOps Tools in preview
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SSIS DevOps Tools Azure DevOps extension was released a while ago. While for customers who use other CICD platforms, there was no straight-forward integration point for SSIS CICD process. 


Standalone SSIS DevOps Tools provide a set of executables to do SSIS CICD tasks. Without the dependency on the installation of Visual Studio or SSIS runtime, these executables can be easily integrated with any CICD platform. The executables provided are:

  • SSISBuild.exe: build SSIS projects in project deployment model or package deployment model.
  • SSISDeploy.exe: deploy ISPAC files to SSIS catalog, or DTSX files and their dependencies to file system.



.NET framework 4.6.2 or higher is required.

Download the latest installer from download center, then install.


SSISBuild.exe examples

  • Build a dtproj with the first defined project configuration, not encrypted with password:

SSISBuild.exe -p:"C:\projects\demo\demo.dtproj"


  • Build a dtproj with configuration "DevConfiguration", encrypted with password, and output the build artifacts to a specific folder:

SSISBuild.exe -p:C:\projects\demo\demo.dtproj -c:DevConfiguration -pp:encryptionpassword -o:D:\folder


  • Build a dtproj with configuration "DevConfiguration", encrypted with password, striping its sensitive data, and log level DIAG:

SSISBuild.exe -p:C:\projects\demo\demo.dtproj -c:DevConfiguration -pp:encryptionpassword -ss -l:diag


SSISBuild.exe examples

  • Deploy a single ISPAC not encrypted with password to SSIS catalog with Windows authentication.

SSISDeploy.exe -s:D:\myfolder\demo.ispac -d:catalog;/SSISDB/destfolder;myssisserver -at:win


  • Deploy a single ISPAC encrypted with password to SSIS catalog with SQL authentication, and rename the project name.

SSISDeploy.exe -s:D:\myfolder\test.ispac -d:catalog;/SSISDB/folder/testproj;myssisserver -at:sql -u:sqlusername -p:sqlpassword -pp:encryptionpassword


  • Deploy a single SSISDeploymentManifest and its associated files to Azure file share.

SSISDeploy.exe -s:D:\myfolder\mypackage.SSISDeploymentManifest -d:file;\\\destfolder -u:Azure\myssisshare -p:storagekey


  • Deploy a folder of DTSX files to on-premises file system.

SSISDeploy.exe -s:D:\myfolder -d:file;\\myssisshare\destfolder


Please refer to this page for more detail usage. If you have questions, visit Q&A or

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