New Master Data Services Training Available

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First published on MSDN on Jan 11, 2011

[posted by Suzanne Selhorn, Technical Writer on the MDS team]

Some new self-paced training is now available on the Microsoft Download Center. To take advantage of this training, you should have a working installation of MDS with sample data already loaded.

01 Introduction Introduction.pdf
This lesson provides an overview of MDS.

02 MDS Environment MDS Environment.pdf
This lesson provides an overview of MDS terminology and features of the Master Data Manager web application.

03 Managing Entities Managing Entities.pdf
In this lesson, MDS terminology is explored in more depth. You start working with data and learn how to use the Master Data Manager web application to do common tasks.

04 Managing Hierarchies Managing Hierarchies.pdf
This lesson provides information about all of the available hierarchy types in MDS. You practice adding, removing, and moving members in hierarchies.

05 Creating Collections Creating Collections.pdf
This lesson shows you how to create collections, and how to add and remove items from a collection.

06 Version Management Version Management.pdf
This lesson explains version management and shows you how to view and reverse transactions.

07 Modeling Guidelines Modeling Guidelines.pdf
This lesson gives you ideas for how to use MDS to model your organization's data. It prepares you for the next lesson, where you will use the knowledge you've gained to start creating your model.

08 Model Building Model Building.pdf
In this lesson, you will use the knowledge from Lesson 07 to begin creating a model for your data.

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