Enterprise Edition, Custom Setup, and 3rd Party Extensibility for SSIS in ADF
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First published on MSDN on Apr 27, 2018
As we continue our march towards General Availability (GA) of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) in Azure Data Factory (ADF), we are excited to announce the release of three interrelated features for Public Preview: Enterprise Edition, Custom Setup, and 3 rd Party Extensibility for Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime (IR).

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition of Azure-SSIS IR lets you use the following advanced/premium features:

    • Change Data Capture (CDC) components
    • Oracle/Teradata/SAP BW connectors
    • SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)/Azure Analysis Services (AAS) connectors and transformations
    • Fuzzy Grouping/Lookup transformations
    • Term Extraction/Lookup transformations

You can provision/configure your Azure-SSIS IR Enterprise Edition via PowerShell script or ADF app:




For more info, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/data-factory/how-to-configure-azure-ssis-ir-enterprise-editi...

The Oracle/Teradata/SAP BW connectors require you to install additional components on your Azure-SSIS IR Enterprise Edition and this can be done through the next newly released feature.

Custom Setup

The custom setup interface for Azure-SSIS IR lets you alter the default operating configuration/environment, e.g. to start additional Windows services, and or install additional components, e.g. APIs, assemblies, drivers, extensions, etc. on each node of your Azure-SSIS IR.  In general, it provides an interface to add your own setup steps during the provisioning/reconfiguration of your Azure-SSIS IR.

You can configure your custom setup by preparing a script + its associated files and uploading them into a blob container in your Azure Storage account.  You can then provide a Shared Access Signature (SAS) Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of your container when you provision/reconfigure your Azure-SSIS IR via PowerShell script or ADF app:




Each node of your Azure-SSIS IR will download the script + its associated files from your container and execute your custom setup with elevated privileges.  When your custom setup is finished, each node will also upload the standard output of execution and other logs into your container.

For more info, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/data-factory/how-to-configure-azure-ssis-ir-custom-setup .

Using custom setup, you can install free/unlicensed components, e.g. those that are custom-made, Open Source, etc. and paid/licensed components, e.g. those that are provided by ISVs who have adapted their licensing model for Azure-SSIS IR through the next newly released feature.

3rd Party Extensibility

The flexibility/scalability of Azure-SSIS IR makes the typical licensing methods used by ISVs for on-premises installations of their components inadequate.  Consequently, we have created new Windows environment + SSIS system variables for ISVs to bind and validate their licenses.

For more info, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/data-factory/how-to-develop-azure-ssis-ir-licensed-component... .

Here are some of our ISV partners who have adapted their components/extensions for Azure-SSIS IR:


Theobald Software:






CData Software:

oh22information services: 

More coming soon, so watch this space!

If you have any questions with regards to building components/extensions for Azure-SSIS IR, please post them below and we will follow up.

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