Azure Feature Pack 1.14.0 released with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 Support
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Dear SSIS Users,


Azure Feature Pack 1.14.0 is here, which enables you to connect to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS Gen2).


Major updates include

  • Azure Storage Connection Manager: The improved Azure Storage Connection Manager now supports both Blob Storage and Data Lake Storage Gen2 services of Azure Storage. We have also added a service principal authentication method on top of the access key one. When you run your packages on Azure-SSIS IR, you have cloud-only security features at your disposal. For example, when you use Execute SSIS Package activities in Azure Data Factory (ADF) pipelines, you can store the sensitive values for account/application keys and application/tenant IDs as secrets in Azure Key Vault (AKV). On top of that, you can do away with sensitive values altogether and authenticate using the managed identity of hosting ADF.
  • Flexible File Task: This newly added task is designed to support different kinds of file operations on various supported storage services.
    Currently, only Copy operation is provided, and the supported storage services for source/destination are local file system, Blob Storage, and ADLS Gen2.
    We expect to support more operations and storage services in the future.
  • Flexible File Source/Destination: Like Flexible File Task, the source/destination is designed to support various storage services.
    Currently, Blob Storage and ADLS Gen2 are supported.
  • Foreach Data Lake Storage Gen2 File Enumerator: This newly added foreach enumerator enables you to list files in a specified folder on ADLS Gen2.

Minor updates include

You can download this new version of Azure Feature Pack from the following links:

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