Small Basic Subroutine Library Project
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I wrote many Small Basic programs. Some programs have the same subroutines. But the same functional subroutines became different versions. So I hoped the each newest version of subroutine would be maintained at one place.


This was the beginning of this project. I created a forum thread for the purpose. I started this project with published sample programs and the thread. But a new issue came up - how to maintain versioning for the subroutines.


In those days, I found that GitHub Gist is a system to publish snippets. So, I started to use GitHub Gist for this project.


GitHub Gist.png


GitHub Gist is very useful for these kind of snippets I think.  And I uploaded 43 Small Basic subroutines to the system.  I always use these snippets for my Small Basic programs.


How about using GitHub Gist to use my subroutines or your own subroutines?


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