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I wrote about other Small Basic systems on June 25, 2017.  This article is the update.


I introduced three alternative systems - Fun Basic, SB IDE++, and Visual Programming Tool last time.  But Visual Programming Tool is no longer available.


Today I'd like to introduce two more new, advanced systems.  Both systems have a debugger!


Small Basic Prime

Small Basic Prime is the new Small Basic IDE for Small Basic v1.2, written by litdev.  The detailed information is in a Small Basic forum thread.





MySmallBasic is a Small Basic interpreter and debugger written in Java and runs on Windows and Linux.  The author is Kwanghoon Choi. 




I could run my abacus program MNV389-5.  I downloaded JDK8 to run MySmallBasic.

Abacus 0.61.png


The following table shows the meaning of the menu items for MySmallBasic:


새로 만들기 New
열기 Open
저장 Save
다른 이름으로 저장 Save As
가져오기 Import
출판 Publish
잘라내기 Cut
복사 Copy
붙이기 Paste
되돌리기 Undo
다시하기 Redo
실행 Run
디버그 Debug


And here are the other two systems, again, that are also still available. We have a total of four options right now, for the Small Basic community to explore!


Fun Basic

Fun Basic is a Windows Store App written by Phil Trelford.  Fun Basic supports the Function statement.  See more details here.



SB IDE++ is an another Small Basic environment written by gungan37.  This program can be run with Small Basic 1.0.



Thank you! We hope that you enjoy Small Basic and have fun trying out these alternate systems from our community!

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