Stopping 'Skype for business' window opening when PC

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Hi, I'm self employed, and as part of my work I was asked to have a virtual meeting using 'skype for business'. I downloaded it, but it became apparent that whilst it suited the caller (presumably they had a business account), I couldn't log in, so we used Zoom instead.


Now, everytime the computer starts up, the 'Skype for business' log-in window pops up - any idea how I can stop this happening?


Even better how can I uninstall the app? I can't find it on the list of apps..


Any help much appreciated.





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Hi Nick, when the Skype for Business client loads, click the small cog in the top right hand corner to open it's settings screen. Then on the left hand side click "Personal" and in the list of settings just under the My Account section, there is a check box that says "Automatically start the app when I log on to Windows", un-check this box and click OK. This should stop Skype for Business auto starting on login.

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