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Hi Microsoft community. I hope you will be able to help me with this question. 

In company I work for, we have a skype number set up. We use this skype number for our customer service. Now, since skype is about to reach EOL, and we would like to have better control over this account we want to transfer this number to Teams. 

This number ,account was created years ago and it was requested as a new number. Therefore, the provider for this number is SKYPE/MICROSOFT. 

I have read bunch of articles and tutorials on how to port a number to teams, however this (wheatear done by automated wizard in office of send manually to PSTN service desk) requires a lot of information that I don't have. I have credentials to this skype account, phone number that is associated with it, but I can not figure out how to transfer it to teams. 

Can you please advise ? It really sucks that MS Skype is about to reach EOL and there is no clear information about how to transfer from number from skype to teams.  Community   Skype for Business Adoption

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If your number is in Skype for Business you do not have to transfer it, you can move your users to Teams Only and continue using the phone number.


If you are using Skype, it will not be end of life, that consumer edition of Skype will continue. But you can transfer your number.

Depending on what country your number belongs to you might use a wizard.

Transfer phone numbers to Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs




thank you @Linus Cansby

how do I move this user to Teams only  ? 

Anyone ?