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Just started using SfB and share my desktop to other users on SfB but can't share when in a call with a normal skype user on own home account? the share options don't appear the same?


Is this a security setting or blocked by MS?



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screen sharing between Skype and SfB is not supported at the moment:


If you need to do screensharing with a external party that dont have SfB, i sugest sending a online meeting invite from SfB/Outlook where the external party can join as a guest.

I see that, as of a year ago, SfB users could not share their screen with regular Skype users. Has this changed in the last year? We are looking to use SfB, but this is a significant deterrent. 


Thank you!


Hi Stacey, no this hasn't changed. Skype for Business integration with the Skype consumer platform still only offers the following basic feature set

- Peer to Peer voice and video calls

- Peer to Peer instant messages

- Presence information

Multiparty and conference dependent capabilities such as desktop sharing are still not supported.


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The workaround here is to use zoom. We do have a lot of interaction with people from other organizations and unfortunately skype is very limited for this use case. Zoom has been our workaround for interviews, presentations with vendors, etc.