Missing functions on Skype for Business -Mac

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I have recently switched from using the old Lync to new Skype client on the mac. Two functions that were the most used -- that I find myself getting ready to de-install Skype and re-install Lync:

  1. Only show "online" contacts. I have tons of contacts and team members - when I look at my Skype list (when I used the non-business client pre MSFT acquistion) I only want to see those that are online that I can send instant messages to. I do not see this feature anywhere. It makes the IM feature unusable - sure I can search for a person to see if they are on, but I just want to glance over and think "who's online that I can ask this question to".. and see only the online users.
  2. Only share desktop with another user. In Lync, I could right click on a user's name who is online and "share desktop". I didn't have to be in an audio or video "skype meeting". Often I'm IMing someone asking them questions -then just share desktop to show what is going on. Or... I'm already on another audio call with that person. I only see the option to share desktop when I'm in an audio/video or true skype meeting. I don't want a Skype meeting, I just want to share my darned desktop.

That's pretty much the only 2 reasons I use corporate IM. Any options, or should I start making the team use gChat?


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