How to delete skype for business

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I have tried to delete skype for business for the past week and it just won´t happen. I want to remove it completely from my computer. I passionately hate this program, as it has proven to be more and more difficult to delete it.  It keeps popping up when I open my laptop and it irritates me. At first I tried to silence the app, did by instruction, but did nothing. So I decided to delete it. Turns out, it´s not that simple. It doesn´t show in my uninstall apps-list. I tried to click on it (windows key->apps->skype for business->uninstall) and it takes me on that list where it is nowhere there to be found. I am too rookie to use regerit. As a last resort I´ll take this to an expert. But can I have help here before that? Please help

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Hi julliPP, if you have Microsoft Office installed it is probable that Skype for Business or Microsoft Lync has been installed as a part of this suite. On your PC, I would recommend entering Control Panel -> Programs & Features and then finding Microsoft Office, selecting it and then clicking "Change". From the window that appears you should then have the option to uncheck Skype for Business/Microsoft Lync, this does however depend on the version of Microsoft Office you are running. Thanks.