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Hi All,


I have a customer, that is not using O365 and Skype for business.

Can I share my screen in a web presentation so my client can join via browser without Skype for Business and without admistrator rights?


And if possible, what plan is necesssary for that?


Is one of them sufficient?

  • Skype for Business Plus CAL
  • Skype for Business Cloud PBX
  • Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing
  • Or does O365 another Service for that?

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If all you want to do is have a scheduled meeting, invite someone outside the organisation and share your screen with them - all you need is Skype Online Plan 2.
If you want them to dial in by traditional telephone for voice then you'll need to add on PSTN Conferencing.
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Hi Eric


In terms of Licencing the only one you need is the Skype Online Plan 2 licence which comes with E1 and E3 licencing SKU out of the box. You don't need CloudPBX, PSTN Conferencing or Enterprise CAL unless you want PSTN conferencing and other traditional voice workloads


When you schedule your meetings, you will want to generate the meeting join link in outlook, or via the web scheduler


After you have done this, send the link out to your participants and if they do not have Skype for Business installed on their system, they can use the Skype for Business Meetings Web App which is downloadable from the join page the meeting link connects them to.


This is licence free and a 2 minute install.


Alternatively, you may want to use Skype Broadcast Meetings which can be used as a show and tell presentation. This allows joiners to watch and listen, and have text Q&A but no voice or video collaboration. The benefit of this is that people can watch your presentation in real time, catch up and play on demand on any device without an app. But it has those limitations explained.



Thx -> I have E3, so i will try it like that :)