Contact Request invitations sent from SfB not received by Skype users


I added two skype users to my SfB account with SfB saying "invitations have been sent". Both are in my contact list but their status is "pending - Skype". Both users advise that they have NOT received contact request invitations from me. 


I have deleted each user and gone through the procedure a second time. Same scenario - the users have not received invitations and the user remains as 'pending' in my Contacts list.


Any ideas folks?


Thanks very much

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I've just tried this on my Skype account. The contact request invitation did not come through using Skype desktop client. It did appear, however, in Skype for web. So, it looks like there may be an issue with the Windows desktop client displaying contact request invitations as distinct from an issue of SfB sending the request.

This is also happening on our tenant. SFB contact requests not being received by Skype users, although they show up on This isn't limited to the desktop client either, as the iOS app is also not showing them.


We also has an issue a few months ago, that none of users could add external SFB users. But that seemed to resolve itself after a few day. A bit annoying when you needed to do a meeting call that day.


From what I can find out, Skype has had this issue since February 2017.