Skype for Business 2019 on Premise DNS issues.

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We are looking to gain some assistance in resolving the issue we are having with logging into Skype for Business 2019 on premise clients. When trying to use the autodiscover feature, we receive an error stating:


"Skype for Business couldn't find a Skype for Business Server for ( There might be an issue with the Domain Name System (DNS) configuration for your domain. See KB2566790 for details and contact your system admin."


If we go in and manually set the internal/external server name to the name of our pool, we are able to sign in without any issues. I have checked for the Microsoft KB listed above, but it appears that the page is dead and can not find any assistance that helps us with our issue. We have DNS records set for LyncDiscover and LyncDiscoverInternal under the proper domain pointing at the name of our pool, however we still have issues with the autodiscover.


Any help would be appreciated!

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Hello @andyb12321 


You can the Skype for Business Diagram: here you can find all the requirments for the SFB Deployment. 


Have you configured a reverse proxy for your webservices like lyncdiscover.<> and configured the externel DNS record pointing to your SFB deployment?