Network rediness Traffic Simulation


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We have 'Skype for Business Network Assessment Tool’  to perform simulation tests.


1. How to stimulate Conference Workloads (Avoid peer to peer connection), to test bandwidth for Audio but also for Video?


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we offer such solution (3rd PArty) where we perform real Skype for Business Client and/or Web Conference Simulations with 1-n participants based on Simulation Bots. (Moderator and Participants are individual Bots)

You define how many participants should join the conf and in which interval it should be executed.

Just ping me if you want to here more about that


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the network assessment tool will perform a network test between the client and Microsoft’s network edge. So there is no Peer-to-Peer Connection between clients. The call is currently audio only with the tool. If you want more modalities to test a 3rd Party product would be your choice.