Using CQD to investigate Media Quality: Stories from engineering
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I work within a team of engineers who have been running and working with Lync and Skype for business for years within Microsoft’s offerings. Therefore, we have a ton of experience implementing and managing call quality, then using, Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) to help us do so. What you might not know is, we are the team who were also the “in front of the camera” talent - for the most recent release of the Skype Operations Framework - where you can learn about how to use CQD. For reference, those videos are located: here


The videos are a great starting point for anyone who’s never heard of CQD or just wants to understand a bit more on how to use it. They can be consumed in quick little bites and you can come back to them for reference should you ever need to hear it again.

From my team’s side of things, we get the common ask from customers and account teams of our tenants to help them troubleshoot “X”. “X” can be anything from call quality to failed calls, call drops, client crashes - any manner of things related to Skype for business. We’ve been able to work with affiliate teams, to deliver a set of CQD report templates to you, as part of this release of SOF as well. You can find those templates at:


The templates take our investigations and make the structure real in your CQD online environment for troubleshooting Office 365 Skype for Business Online.

There are two template versions available: The first includes pivots based on building information; the second doesn’t have that requirement. I encourage you to work with your network team to upload building data, as it creates a great viewpoint of the locations and places you are delivering a great enduser experience, and those who might benefit from some extra attention.

We have also worked with the team to deliver a playbook for you about how you can work to manage call quality in the service, located here: Manage a Quality and Reliable Service Deployment Playbook. The playbook should help you to understand the way we look at things and how we use CQD on a regular basis to help our customers.


I look forward to the discussion and you sharing your techniques for using CQD to solve your issues.

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