Skype Room Systems v2 Troubleshooting Tips for Devices Automatically Upgraded to Win10 Version 1709
Published Mar 30 2018 01:35 PM 6,016 Views

As of this writing, the Skype team has not yet lifted the Windows 10 Version 1709 upgrade block on Skype Room Systems v2 devices.  However, some customers have reported that they have nonetheless received the upgrade.  If your Skype Room Systems v2 device is upgraded to Windows version 1709 and you are experiencing device issues, please try performing the following device reset procedure to remediate the problem:


  • Confirm Windows Version by running the command winver.exe.  The script used below will not run on builds earlier than Version 1709.
  • Log in as admin.  Download the latest SRS v2 installation package -- here
  • Unpack contents of the installation package and copy to Skype Room System v2 device.
  • Launch powershell as admin
  • Change to the directory that contains the ResetTool script.
  • Run the following command in PowerShell: "powershell.exe -executionpolicy unrestricted .\ResetTool.ps1" and follow the instructions in the cmd window to reset the device.

             NOTE: This action will migrate your SRS v2 device to the new provisioning and install SRS v2 application Build


  • The script will prompt you to run Windows Reset when complete. Run Windows Reset from the Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Reset this PC.  Be sure to choose the "Remove everything" option.

            NOTE: Some SRS v2 devices, such as the Lenovo Hub500, ship with Windows 10 Version 1709 included in the baseline image.  In these cases, running the script is likely unnecessary.  The instructions above apply to devices baselined on Windows 10 Version 1703.

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