SRSv2 update has been release to the Microsoft Store since October 1st, Redmond time. Release Notes


  • Code changes necessary to prepare the SRSv2 app for later Windows 10 Version 1803 upgrade.
  • Fix formatting issue with localized EULAs - specifically Norwegian - which prevents advancing beyond EULA OOBE setup window.
  • Code changes required to make Skype Room Systems v2 application run on legacy Lync Room Systems hardware.  See more here.


  • Updates may take a few days to reach 100% availability to all machines.  We start with 10% coverage the first day and throttle up to 100% coverage over the course of a few days.
  • A downloadable script is available here enabling admins to create their own images based on this update.



Just updated the article to reflect new script availability here.  Executing the script will automatically download the update msi package and allow admins to create a device image.

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When I created my boot media (still in the process of building), it prompted me to use a newer version of Windows. 10.0.17134.1. I was using 1709 previously. After googling the version number I came to the conclusion that I had to use 1803. So I downloaded the media and I am in the process of creating it now. When reviewing your message further, I noticed "Code changes necessary to prepare the SRSv2 app for later Windows 10 Version 1803 upgrade". 


So... was it supposed to prompt me to use 1803, or is there an issue in the script? My preference was 1709 as we have not deployed 1803 in our environment yet, but it was my only option to use 1803.




@Richard Eklund - adds support for 1803 both via the app+Windows upgrade path AND requires 1803 for new installs.


In the case of the upgrade scenario, we have not yet unblocked 1803 upgrades via Windows Update.

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Thank you

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Does this app version support TLS 1.2? If not, when will another update be released?

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I'm unable to find 10.0.17134.1 build for a clean installation. Could you please share a link?


@Nick DiFeo - TLS 1.2 support is planned for our next SRSv2 update.

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Is there a roadmap for the SRS app?

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 Is there a tentative date for when the next update will be released that includes TLS 1.2 support?


@Bryan Callicott See Slide #24 in the Ignite slide here for Room Systems roadmap info.


@Josh Crabtree The next update should be available in about one month.

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@David Groom, thanks for the link to the Ignite slide.  On slide #24, a Q4 feature of "Dual content display" is listed.  Can you tell me what that entails?  Our pre-SRS rooms are dual display, and allowed for two separate content shares by:


  1. One user performing a share through Skype, which is rendered on the left-hand display connected to a SfB room PC
  2. A second user shares to the right-hand screen through HDMI

Since moving to SRS, we've routed the HDMI cable through the SRS.  We like that modality a lot, but our users have lost the ability to show two separate content shares within the room.  Does "Dual content display" support what I described above?  Thanks again - Isaac

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theres a new update again @David Groom ? whats this all about.


@rodelmurex I just posted info on  See release notes page here.


@Isaac Woida - SRSv2 currently supports dual screen content and video gallery in Skype meeting mode.  In Teams mode, only single screen is supported.  In the next few months, Teams mode will be brought up to feature parity with Skype meeting mode.  Then, in the new year, we'll look at supporting new Front of Room screen layouts like you describe.

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@David Groom - You said that "SRSv2 currently supports dual screen content and video gallery in Skype meeting mode". I suppose you mean video gallery on one screen and content on the second one ?


We were wondering if when there is no content sharing, the video gallery could span on both screens ?

And if not, do you know if there is a planned feature for that ?


@François Collerette - Video gallery will display on one screen if no content is shared (i.e. the content screen will appear blank).  We are planning a design refresh next year where we plan to improve content sharing and video gallery display experience.  There's some more information from our Ignite product roadmap presentation around minute 58 here.

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@David Groomare you able to confirm if the new Surface Pro 6 is supported at this time with the Logitech SmartDock? Many thanks!