Skype Room Systems v2 Update

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Skype Room Systems v2 update has been available since late November and fixes an issue with "Give Feedback" feature.

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Hi David,


Is there any other change, in this update?





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Where can this be downloaded or is it delivered through windows update?


@Aitor Martín Garrido - no other changes.


@Timothy Leheny - Skype Room Systems v2 updates are pushed through the Store (not Windows Update).  Hope this helps.

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do I have to use the reset tool in the deployment kit for the Fall Creator's update?

@John Love Jr. - You should not have received the Fall Creators Update (Version 1709) yet.  We have yet to release and your device should remain on Version 1703.


Please let me know if your device was automatically or manually updated to Version 1709.

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The Surface Pro we are using has not been updated yet, it just keeps failing and that was why it was failing the install. Just wanted to make sure what I needed to do on that issue. I'll wait to install the update when I see a version compatible with the Fall Creators Update.

@John Love Jr. - Please describe the failure that you are seeing.

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We have a customer that have installed a Logitech Skype Room System and having huge problems with joining meetings. I've read in another forum thread that the joining-issue is a confirmed issue in version 3.0.16 from Micrsoft.


Will this be fixed in version 3.0.17 and when will that version be released?



@Deleted We are close to releasing our next update.  I estimate that it will go live within the next couple weeks.  In the meantime, I'll contact you via private message. 

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Still running v. and we cannot find any updates on Skype Room System on Windows Store? Why can this be?

Also, we cannot upgrade Win10 from 1607 to 1703/1709 - because of the remove app error - but I saw that this should not be done.


Microsoft was released to the Store around 2AM PST this morning (March 6th).  We're throttling at 10% so it won't be available as an automatic update to all systems at this point.


We'll likely make the decision tomorrow on whether to open up to all systems as an automatic update. Release Notes are as follows:

  • Bug/Crash fixes to improve stability
  • Support for variable-sized console
  • Peripheral audio processing offloading (additional media whitelisting)


Finally, we are *not* yet releasing Windows 10 Version 1709 via Windows Update.  Please maintain your systems on Windows 10 Version 1703.

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How soon until the update is made available more widely? Is there a way for those of us experiencing intermittent audio failures to get the update out-of-band?


@Geoffrey Duke - We just throttled the update up to 100%.  Depending on your location and propagation conditions, all Skype Room Systems devices directly connected to the Internet should now receive the update.

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Thanks, David. I came in this morning and our Logitech SmartDock has updated itself to Skype Room System It also is seeing the Windows 10 1709 update as available, but has "run into a problem" trying to install it. There's a button to "Fix issues," but I'm wondering if that is an artifact of the mechanism you're using to prevent Skype Room Systems from updating themselves. Any suggestions?

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@David Groom Is there a way to Block/Stop Auto update on SRS


What is the app called in the store as I cannot find it under anything I search.


I cannot install 1709 as I get the following errors:


skype mrx://  class not registered


 0xc1900208 when trying to update Windows 10.


Hos do I get this smartdock functioning again?



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Tried updating Windows to 1709 and the installation wizard detects "Rigel Skype Room System" and flags as incompatible. In order to proceed it wants to uninstall SRS. I exited without updating. SRS client is updated to the latest available from the App Store v3.1.104.0

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