Skype for Business settings portal: Reset your pin and more
Published May 10 2017 02:10 PM 7,168 Views

Note: In September 2017 we added the ability for users to manage their voicemail. More details can be found here: New Voicemail User Settings Features


In order to allow users to self-service some of their settings for Skype for Business Online, we recently introduced the Skype for Business settings portal.


What settings can a user configure?

While we plan to include more settings in the future, currently there are two things users can configure on their own:

  • PIN reset enables users to reset their conference PIN themselves - so from now on users will not require help-desk or administrators to reset their conference PIN.


  • Control caller ID allows users to call phone numbers without showing their caller ID. The administrator of an organization has to enable users to change this setting. Details can be found in this support article: How can caller ID be used in your organization

How can users find this settings page?

While can be used to access the page, we do not expect users to remember the URL. Instead there are multiple places in the client where users are pointed to the portal:

  • Dial-in conferencing settings: in the menu select Tools and the Dial-in Conferencing Settings to get directly to the page and change you Dial-in Conferencing Settings.




  • Control Caller ID: In the options go to Call Forwarding and Click Edit settings online to access the user settings portal. Please note that this option is only available in Skype for Business 2016 Click-to-Run in Current Channel or First Release Current Channel. We expect to add this functionality to Deferred Channel in June 2017 - for up-to-date information please refer to How can caller ID be used in your organization



Call to action

  • Visit the Skype for Business settings portal and test it yourself
  • Leverage our email templates
    • Inform end users about PIN reset
    • Provide the PIN reset email template to helpdesk
  • Update your end user training material
  • Inform help-desk about these new capabilities
  • Questions or comments? Discuss with us in the SOF Community
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