Skype for Business on Mac version 16.12.75 is available!
Published Oct 31 2017 01:26 PM 7,151 Views

The SfB Mac team is excited to announce that our October release is now available for download. Below is a list of features and improvements in this release.


Easily change devices when in a meeting or call

Users can select the Devices button while in a meeting or call to select audio and video devices.


Easily switch to a connected audio device

When a user connects an audio device to the computer, the app will ask whether to use the device as the default for calls and meetings.


Choose meeting audio options by pressing Join from Calendar tab

When users select a meeting on the Meetings tab, they can press the Join button to see the Join Meeting Audio dialog box to choose how to join audio. The option to have a meeting call to a phone number is now only available from the Join Meeting Audio dialog box.


Maximized screen sharing

Users will now see screen sharing fill the meeting or conversation window so it is easier to see what is being shared.


Stop screen sharing when you hang up

The app will automatically stop sharing the screen when a user hangs up to make sure others can't see the user's screen after they leave a meeting or call.


Invite users to a meeting through email

The user can easily send an email to someone with information on how to join a meeting by clicking Invite by Email in the Meeting Information dialog box.



  • Fixed an issue where the “This call is on hold” message continued to be displayed after switching audio from the computer to a phone.
  • Added a check to prevent users from trying to send IMs when they are not signed in.
  • Fixed an issue that caused phone numbers to be formatted incorrectly when shown in Outlook calendar items.
  • Fixed an issue where a network connection error remains displayed after the network connection is restored.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented redialing calls from the Calls tab.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented display of the current speaker video when someone was sharing a screen in a meeting.
  • Removed the requirement that a user be enabled for Enterprise Voice in order to see the Join Meeting Audio dialog box.
  • Add ability for an administrator to customize the sign-in UI to show the User Name field in the sign-in dialog box as well as in Advanced Options.  To enable this setting, go to Terminal and run "defaults write userNameInAdvancedOnly false".  Then restart the client, enter sign-in address and click continue.  User will now see the user name. TechNet article here will be updated shortly.
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