Skype for Business on Mac March Update (16.16) Released
Published Apr 04 2018 12:45 PM 4,906 Views

Mac users have a reason to celebrate today with the March update of Skype for Business on Mac. This release includes a lot of significant features and bug fixes, including:


Add delegates without being enabled for Enterprise Voice

Skype for Business Online users who not enabled for Enterprise Voice can now add contacts as delegates.  See Act as a delegate or delegator in Skype for Business for help configuring delegation. (Skype for Business Online only. This will be enabled for Skype for Business Sever 2015 users in a future server update.) 


Callback when on a poor network connection

When Skype for Business detects a poor network connection that can affect audio quality in a call, the app will offer to call the user back to improve the connection if a phone number has been configured on the Calls page of Preferences.

Notification of poor network connectionNotification of poor network connection


Use drag and drop or copy and paste to send images and files in 1-on-1 chats

Users who are enabled for file transfer in 1-on-1 chats can send a file by dragging it from Finder and dropping it in the chat window.  Users can also copy an image or file to the clipboard and paste it in the chat. (For Skype for Business 2015 Server users, file transfer requires the December 2017 cumulative update.)

Drag and drop files into a chatDrag and drop files into a chat 

Set a location for E-911 calls

Users can specify their location info for emergency calls when Skype for Business can't automatically determine their location. To set a location, click on your profile picture or avatar, then select Set Your Location.

Set Your Location User InterfaceSet Your Location User Interface


Choose whether to see emoticons in chats

Users can choose to disable emoticons in chats by clearing the Show emoticons in messages check box on the General page of Preferences when emoticons are allowed by your organization.

 Show emoticons in messages check box on General page of PreferencesShow emoticons in messages check box on General page of Preferences



  • Fixed several issues that could prevent a user from seeing screen sharing in a meeting.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented an error message being displayed when the app fails to sign in.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a user from rejoining a meeting or call after hanging up.
  • Fixed an issue that incorrectly showed "You were disconnected from the presentation due to network issues." when joining a meeting.
  • Added support for Video-based screen sharing (VbSS) in 1-to-1 calls (Skype for Business Online only)
  • Improved performance of starting and updating screen sharing.


To install the update, click Check for Updates on the Help menu from inside the app.

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