Skype for Business on Mac June update (16.8) is here - everyone start your PowerPoint!

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Late last week we made the June monthly update for Skype for Business for Mac available for download and update. For those keeping score, this is the 16.8 release of the client. As with all updates, we recommend you are up to date with the latest CUs for your Server. Customers in the cloud are always up-to-date and do not need to install cumulative updates.

A particularly unique feature to Skype for Business is the ability to load and then present your slides directly from the meeting. With a small amount of effort at the beginning of the meeting, a presenter can improve the experience for everyone attending the meeting. Formerly a Windows only feature – it came to Mobile and is now available on the Mac. Grab your slides and get loading and start presenting – your users should be delighted.

But there is lots of other news this month so look at the list below and let us know if one of these was important to your deployment. The product team loves to hear when we hit the bullseye :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Voice enabled Skype users can join a meeting by phone
Voice enabled Skype users can now request a call-back to their phone
Users can now join their Microsoft Teams meetings directly from the Meetings tab.  
Users can now join non-federated meetings directly from the app
Users can see Meeting Info (Organizer, Join URL, Conference ID) while in a meeting
New Contacts tab shows who has added you to their contact list in SfB. 
Ability to search for new contacts in the Chats tab.
Users can close the "On Hold" overlay while in a meeting.
Held calls can be resumed from the new "..." (More Options) button. 
Added Touch bar support for various functionality 


For a complete list of improvements to the client, please be sure to read the release notes that come with this update. Customers can choose to download the latest client from the download center or those who already have the client can use the Microsoft AutoUpdate (MAU) to get the latest.

- Paul Cannon, Skype for Business Product Marketing Manager

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It's really great to see SFB on Mac.. thanks to your team

1. Whats the best way to get documentation on how to use the new features ?

2. Whats the best way to provide feedback or improvement suggestions ?


Hey Mark,


Thanks for the feedback. Docs? - Technet and our Office site do offer guidance. Generally if youa re familiar with the Windows client then it should not be too hard to pick up. Feedback? - 2 approaches I would recommend. First - there are Insider builds. Easy for a user to switcvh to recieving. Besides see whats coming before regular GA users, and additional feedback mechanism is in the client under help. THose reports go directly into the PG. As youc an imagine, they gewt a lot and so cannot indiviually repsond but Insider feedback does influence the product greatly. Secondly, post here on Tech communities as there are many just like you who want to discuss or help with SFB.

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Is it true that Skype for Business for Mac will get the meeting recording feature in Q3 of 2017? 

This is a real need in our organization, and it would be great if I could report back that it is on the roadmap! 


Thanks for the info! 


Hi Josh,


thanks for reaching out. Right now we do not have a confirmed timing for Cloud Recording at this time. As soon as we do, we will share.

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Thanks for the update. Really nice features. Have you thought about spending more time fixing some of the current issues? Something that bothers me on daily basis is when I try to message someone, I get "We couldn't send this message: <message>". This makes Skype for Business on Mac unusable for me and all colleagues in our org who run on Mac. I know this is not the right place for reporting issues, but I already searched in TechNet and there are already a number of threads reporting this issue and it is still unresolved. The impact of this is significant since this keeps happening multiple times a day and I have to sign out/in, delete chats, sign out again, do that multiple times until the issue is resolved. You can imagine what a nightmare this is. 

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