Skype for Business: New PSTN Conferencing Enhancement Features to Preview
Published Jun 08 2017 02:58 PM 3,226 Views

We are happy to announce that we are opening a preview for the following feature enhancement for PSTN Conferencing for Skype for Business Online: providing administrators with additional user-level controls for toll-free and dial-out destinations for Skype for Business meetings. This preview is scheduled to start at the begining of August. 


Control which users can leverage toll-free numbers

This feature will allow tenant administrators to enable or disable the usage of toll-free numbers for the meetings of any organizer on a per user basis.


When toll-free numbers are disabled for a given user:

  • A toll-free number will no longer be included in the meeting invites of the organizer.
  • Toll-free numbers will no longer be listed in the "Find a local number" page that is referenced in the meeting invites of the organizer.
  • While toll-free numbers will stop showing up on the "Find a local number" page of an organizer, participants won't be able to join the meeting if they dial a toll-free number of the organization.
  • Participants can continue joining meetings of the organizer using toll numbers.


Restrict dialing out in meetings for specific users

This feature will allow a tenant administrator to control which users can dial out from within a meeting.


This would include:


  • Control dial out capability for organizer's meeting
  • Permit dial-outs that are domestic only to the assigned location of the meeting organizer.
  • Allow international and domestic dial-outs.


These two features can be leveraged only by tenants that are enabled for PSTN Consumption billing. To learn more about PSTN Consumption billing, see What is PSTN Consumption billing?


We invite customers to join the preview of these two services before general availability. Please go to and sign-up for the PSTN Conferencing Feature Enhancements Preview Program and learn more. 

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