Skype for Business Firmware Update for Polycom VVX Series Phones
Published Oct 17 2017 01:52 PM 5,736 Views

A new and improved firmware version of the Polycom VVX series Skype for Business certified phones will soon be deployed on the Skype for Business Online service.


The new firmware (version includes the following new features:


Multiple Emergency Numbers

Supporting multiple emergency numbers configured depending on location policy.

Dial plan Normalization

Routing outbound calls based on client-side dial plan normalization.

Improved Skype for Business User Interface

IP phones will provide user experience based on the Skype for Business desktop client design during calling and conferencing scenarios.


For a full list of supported features refer to Getting phones for Skype for Business Online.


All Skype for Business certified IP phones are listed in the Skype for Business solutions catalog.


How to configure phones to receive the latest firmware

By default, automatic updates are enabled. To very this setting, run the Set-CsIPPhonePolicy and verify Enable device update is set to true. Firmware updates will be automatically downloaded to the phones as soon as they are available.


You can also choose to manage firmware updates using a third party provisioning system. For third party provisioning system management including advanced phone customization, refer to manufacturer administration guides.


Caution: Make sure to have a single device update authority (In-band device update or a third-party provisioning server) to avoid update loops.


Call to action:

  • Verify that you update either via in-band update or third-party provisioning server
  • Evaluate if you want to take advantage of multiple emergency numbers and/or dial plan normalization
  • Any questions or comments? Please let us know below or in our community.



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