Skype for Business 2019 - Control Panel Phase 2 Released

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Today, we have released the update for Skype for Business Server Control Panel! Please find the update here. This is a continuation to our earlier introduced phase one of modern control panel in July 2019 here.  


We had covered ‘Home’ and ‘Users’ tab in first phase, in this second phase we introduce ‘Conferencing’ and ‘Federation and External Access’ tabs. The ‘Dial-In Access’ sub-tab in Conferencing is not ready yet and it will be part of the next phase.  


We have also enabled Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to the Admin panel and the mechanism to provide different access permissions remains similar to the old Silverlight based panel.  


We are working on the feedback received in the preview and will be addressing them in future updates.  Top enhancements in the roadmap are - Auto redirect for URL to avoid remembering pool name, and Admins need not be SIP enabled, Single Sign On for tenant. As always, we’re happy to get feedback on the new Panel as we work on the next phase. 


Now that CU3 has been released, we hope you’ll adopt it for better day-to-day admin experience. 



Installation Instructions: 

The installation steps are similar to Phase-1 

If you are installing the Control Panle for first time , see the steps below. 

After running SSUI, you must run Bootstrapper.exe (this is necessary to install the required components) and run SSUI again.  


Please install Management OData if not installed using below steps: 

  1. Open PowerShell in Administrator mode 
  1. Run command - Add-WindowsFeature ManagementOData 


The administrator account must have CsAdministrator role privileges and must be SIP enabled 


Launching and Using the Control Panel 

Please put in https://<your pool FQDN>/macp manually in a supported browser, and the Control Panel should open. You can also click on the blue banner at the top of the old Control Panel to launch the new Panel. We are aware that the URL needs to be simplified and admins need not remember the pool name. This is in our pipeline and will be addressed in next CU. The login screen looks like the following: 


Figure 1 - Login Screen.png

Figure 1 : Login Screen 



Once you hit the login screen, log in with your admin credentials. 


Please try out the scenarios as you would in everyday usage, for Conferencing and ‘Federation and External Access’ tabs such as creating, modifying Conferencing Policy, PIN policy, setting up Federation Domains, Setting up External Access Policy. 


Figure 2 - Conferencing Policy Screen.png

Figure 2 : Conferencing Policy screen 



Figure 3 - External Access Policy Screen.png

Figure 3 : External Access Policy Screen 


Modern UI Experience  


The control panel is designed with modern UI experience and has features to reflect the look and feel of modern-day admin page. The admin panel is responsive in design and supports 200% zoom for accessibility Some highlighted UI experience items are as below -  



Picker panel slides in and it is displayed in a right pane. 


Figure 4 - Flyout panel from right.png

Figure 4 : Flyout panel from right for picker panel (Selecting site or pool from list) 


Breadcrumb trail is displayed at the top which gives easy reference to the current stage in workflow. 


Figure 5 - Breadcrumb trail.png

Figure 5 : Breadcrumb trail 



Role Based Access Control (RBAC) 


For admin with full permissions the Admin panel looks as below –  


Figure 6 - Full Access Admin panel.jpg

Figure 6 : Full Access Admin panel 


For Admin with limited permissions, the Admin panel will look like below –  


Figure 7 - Limited Permissions Admin Panel.jpg

Figure 7 : Limited Permissions Admin Panel 


As mentioned earlier, the mechanism to provide different access permissions remains similar to the old Silverlight based panel.  


Providing Feedback 

As always, we’re happy to get feedback on the new Panel as we work on the next phase. In the top right corner, you’ll see your login name. Click on the adjacent arrow, and you should see a drop-down. Hit ‘Give Feedback’, and you should see a browser window open with the discussion forum. Please do check the discussion to see if your question has already been addressed. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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Heya I installed the preview but I only get the limited admin view. How do I get the Full Admin view. My account is a member of all the CS groups.

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