Screen sharing from Skype Meetings App now supports Video-based Screen Sharing

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Starting today, users who share their screen into a meeting from the Skype Meetings App (the web-downloadable meetings app for Skype for Business) can get the significantly improved performance of Video-based Screen Sharing (VbSS).  While you won't see any changes in the way you present on-screen content during your meetings, you will notice that the connection time is drastically reduced, and the screen presentation is always in sync between presenter and viewer. Not only is VbSS faster, but it also more reliable and works better in case of low network bandwidth conditions.


When you start sharing, the app automatically chooses how to share your screen, but it will always choose VbSS when possible.  In some cases, it may continue to use the older Remote Desktop Protocol if VbSS is not supported by the Skype for Business server hosting the meeting, someone is recording the session, or an attendee is using an older client version that does not support VbSS. Click here for information on VbSS technology and supported server and client versions.


For users who have previously downloaded and installed Skype Meetings App, this update will automatically download when they next join a meeting. We hope you enjoy the improved experience!



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Hello @Phillip Garding , Thanks for the information. I have a question.


When MS Teams is the future and Skype is going to be deprecated/stopped, Why is Microsoft still working on the enhancements towards Skype? Can you please let me know.


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@bhanu chintha you arent expecting real answer to this question, are you?


@bhanu chintha and @Richard Pasztor - I would love to answer this question.  While Teams is our next-generation communication product, we are fully committed to supporting Skype for Business for the millions of users who rely on it for their daily communication needs.  As you know, we continue to release new server and client versions - Skype for Business 2019 Server and Office 2019 (including Skype for Business) both shipped last autumn.  Both products include a commitment to support them for at least seven years.  Skype for Business is not going away any time soon, and we are actively listening and responding to customers' concerns and requests.


Phil Garding

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Thanks @Phillip Garding for the clarification. This clearly calls out Microsoft commitment towards the SFB users.


I had to ask this question because, I mostly work on the SharePoint workload and Microsoft keeps telling that start using Modern sites. But, i do not see all the features that we have in Classic sites coming up in Modern Sites. And it is becoming tough to convince clients who wish to go to Modern as the customization efforts are increasing for Modern site customization due to limited OOTB webparts in Modern SharePoint sites.


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