Introducing the Office 365 Productivity Library
Published Dec 15 2016 10:49 AM 13K Views

A common request we hear from customers is: 'Help me make Skype for Business real for my users.'  This is a very real challenge when you are rolling Skype for Business, a new product which challenges the way users normally communicate.  Key to landing this message with users is to help them understand the power of the Office 365 suite of products they now have access to.  Enter the Office Productivity Library.  This library introduces the concept of Productivity Cards - resources that help users understand (1) how they can be more productive (2) provide tips to work faster and (3) show them various tools, which will assist with making faster decisions.


To access the Productivity Library, go here:   From this point, your users are able to explore the various cards through Roles, Industry or even Product.




The above is only one example of the productivity cards we have come up with so far.  Based on feedback and need, we are adding new cards every quarter.  If you see the need for a new card or have ideas on how to make this more actionable for you and your users, please let us know.


Remember, your users have a world class suite of products, which all integrate and work together, at their fingertips.  Help guide them through unlocking their potential, by steering them to the right resources.


As always, you can find our full assortment of ‘approved’ adoption materials referenced in the Adoption Content Directory.

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